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Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder is a physics based racing-mayhem game in which up to four players compete to reach the finish line on rolling chairs.

Rolling Thunder Features:

  • Local 1 to 4 player  game-play
  • Simple, colorful art style
  • 3 tracks, each with unique obstacles
  • Quick sessions, easy for anyone to pick up and play
  • Joust mode: get medieval and lance your friends in a no holds barred arena
  • Hilarious crashes and dramatic wipe outs

Best of all, it's completely free! That's right! You get a chance to help test our concept as we improve our skills as game developers. So go ahead - download Rolling Thunder for free! If you like it or have honest criticism - please leave us a review. 

Extreme Downhill Chair Racing at its Finest! Rolling Thunder is a student-developed game from Champlain College. A seven-person group of the finest designers, artists, programmers and a producer based in Burlington, Vermont formed The Sea Dogs to bring you this game concept from the ground up. 

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Check out the team:

RoleLinkedInPersonal Page
Lead DesignerEvan JanssenEvan's Page
DesignerBilly BeanlandBilly's Page
Lead ProgrammerNils SteinbueglNils' Page
ProgrammerJack MalveyJack's Page
ProgrammerThomas McGillicuddyTom's Page
Lead ArtistMichael Armstrong-
ArtistRaili Piscusa-
ProducerDavid Merritt-

Install instructions

How to Roll with Thunder:

  • Download Rolling Thunder
  • Extract the files from the zip folder
    • Right Click the Zip folder
    • Select "Extract All..." from the drop menu
  • Once extracted, go into the new folder (also called Alpha Build 2.0) and click the folder "Rolling Thunder Alpha"
  • Click into "Rolling Thunder"
    • This is an executable with the Unity "Square" symbol by it
  • Please Read the Notes below before playing. They will save you some headaches. 
  • Enjoy!

Please Note that this game is a student concept project. 

Playing requires at least one gamepad controller (Xbox button layout). 

A couple of known bugs the team is aware of are:

  • Helmet Color Selection causes loading issues with the level. To avoid this, please do NOT press the left or right bumpers while in the menus.
  • Some colliders don't work after the player character crashes (you might fall through the ground or a wall)

We apologize for any inconvenience these issues cause. Turns out that making games is pretty hard work, but we are learning and working as the project continues.


Rolling Thunder 223 MB

Development log


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Update: The Alpha Release is now closed. We hope those who downloaded it enjoyed it. The Beta release is coming soon! Please take a look at the Development log for more information.

Great game! Needs a camera though to play the space station and the joust stages.

Thanks for the feedback! May I ask what you mean by needing a camera? Currently the team is considering pulling back the camera on the Joust Stage.

Sorry, I'm looking back at my comment. I meant that either I can't find the button to rotate the camera with a gamepad or there is no camera rotating function. This makes it really hard to play the space station and joust stages.

Thanks for the feedback. Currently the right stick of the gamepad controls the camera movement for this release. The dev team is aware that Joust mode needs some additional camera work. It may be possible that your gamepad isn't fully functioning with Rolling Thunder as designed. If you aren't using an Xbox 360 style controller, please make sure you use software that adapts your gamepad to function as and xbox controller (input mapper or ds4 work decently well for Playstation 4 controllers). If you are using a 360 type of controller then please let me know more details of your issue and we will try to bug test for it. Thanks again for playing and commenting on Rolling Thunder!

If you find more bugs than the ones mentioned in the Install Instructions - Please let us know!